California Approves $2.3 Million Osteoarthritis Study

We do our best to pay attention to what is going on in the world of total nucleated cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) research. 

As such, we are pleased to learn that the state of California recently approved funding for a $2.3 million study to look at total nucleated cell procedures for treating osteoarthritis of the knee. In addition to California’s funding, the Cupertino firm doing the research will receive an additional $573,000 in funding from other sources.

As a company specializing in PRP and total nucleated cell therapy training courses, we are fully aware that doctors are already using these procedures for osteoarthritis treatments. PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood; mesenchymal total nucleated cells can be derived either from bone marrow or fat tissue.

We train doctors in the proper procedures for harvesting the necessary material, processing it, and then injecting it at the treatment site. We also train doctors how to use our equipment and supplies, though they could take what they learn in our training courses and apply it to other equipment as well. The process is the same either way.

Answering a Tremendous Need

The state of California agreed to fund the osteoarthritis study in light of the fact that more than 51 million people all over the country suffer from osteoarthritis. The knee is one of the most common places where the condition is observed, so it makes sense to fund a study of this type.

The company behind the study, Cellular Biomedicine Group, hopes to develop a total nucleated cell treatment and product line that will eventually be approved by the FDA. The company says that having their treatment ready for general use is still years in the future. We will keep an eye on what they are doing, even as we continue training doctors from around the country in the procedures already available to them.

We do what we do because of the tremendous need for new ways to treat osteoarthritis. We believe our PRP and total nucleated cell systems are a better alternative to steroid injections based on previous studies. Obviously, we also prefer minimally invasive PRP and total nucleated cell injections over highly invasive surgeries that can lead to complications.

PRP and total nucleated cell injections are not a cure-all for osteoarthritis by any means. However, they are safe and effective treatments that have proven to be very helpful for many patients. They tend to have long-lasting results as well. Patients treated with PRP and total nucleated cells may enjoy greater relief and less need to take pain medication.

What You Need to Know

As a doctor, here’s what you need to know about offering PRP and total nucleated cell therapies for osteoarthritis: you can learn the procedures rather quickly by attending one of our two-day training courses. We will teach you how to harvest the material, process it, and inject it into the treatment site.

We also carry a line of equipment and supplies you will need to get started offering therapies in your practice. You can continue ordering kits to go along with your centrifuge right from our website. If you need help with marketing services, Apex Biologix has that covered as well.

While we await the results of the California study, we know that PRP and total nucleated cell therapies are already helping patients find the kind of relief they are looking for. We believe in the future of both therapies for osteoarthritis treatment, which is why we are committed to training doctors and helping clinics establish their own PRP and total nucleated cell treatments. Regenerative medicine is the wave of the future.