Doctors Studying PRP and total nucleated cells for Hair Loss Treatment

Millions of men and women around the world suffer from hair loss. 

Even more surprisingly, hundreds of thousands of them undergo hair restoration surgeries or other procedures every year. As effective as some of these procedures are, most of the time they simply move existing hair from one location to another. We do something different in the world of PRP and total nucleated cell therapy. We encourage new hair growth by helping hair follicles regenerate.

Apex Biologix is just one of a small handful of companies leading the revolution in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and total nucleated cell therapies for hair loss treatment. We do not perform the treatments ourselves; we offer PRP and total nucleated cell training for doctors looking to offer the procedures in their practices. We also carry a line of equipment supplies and provide training along with full-scale marketing services.

Doctors See Plenty of Promise

It would be one thing if the only people talking about PRP and total nucleated cell therapies for hair loss were companies like ours. But that’s not the case. Doctors themselves see plenty of promise in these procedures. For example, Los Angeles doctor Kenneth Williams already offers PRP and total nucleated cell therapies for patients with hair loss. He is currently conducting a patient-funded study supported by the National Institutes of Health.

To participate in the study, patients pay a reduced fee depending on what portion of the study they take part in. They receive two sets of injections given over three months, injections consisting of platelet-rich plasma and total nucleated cells derived from their own tissue.

The idea behind what Dr. Williams is doing is one of using the body’s natural growth factors to increase blood supply and nutrients to hair follicles that are no longer producing hair as they once did. This strengthens the hair follicles and encourages them to grow new hair.

Platelet-rich plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood while the total nucleated cells can come either from bone marrow or fat sources. Both are processed in a centrifuge in order to concentrate the desired components prior to combining and then injected into the treatment site. It is a very simple procedure in theory, but it does require a certain amount of training in order to be done safely and correctly.

We Train Doctors

While we do not perform PRP and total nucleated cell therapies for patients, we train the doctors who do. At various times during the year, we have one- and two-day training courses that prepare doctors to use PRP and total nucleated cell therapies for a variety of treatments, including addressing hair loss.

In addition to training, Apex Biologix offers doctors the equipment and supplies they need to begin offering services in their practices. We offer both total nucleated cell and PRP kits, centrifuge devices, amniotic tissue, and more. Doctors can order directly from us online for maximum convenience.

We want to remind doctors that not all PRP systems are the same. Our system utilizes the best processing technique in a closed, tabletop system capable of complete processing in under 10 minutes, with minimal red blood cell content. If you would like more information about our PRP and total nucleated cell systems, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hair loss is a problem that affects millions of people. Now, hair replacement surgery is not the only tool doctors can use to treat patients. PRP and total nucleated cell therapies are being studied around the country. A regenerative therapy could be the best option for your patience as well. Perhaps you should consider training so you can offer it as well.