How Our Protein Concentrate Kits Are Shaping the Future of Regenerative Medicine

XCELL Protein Concentrator
Optimizing Patient Care with Advanced Solutions

As a leader in orthobiologics and biologic solutions, APEX Biologix is at the forefront of advanced regenerative medicine. Our PRP kits and protein concentrate systems, including innovations in platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) treatments, are transforming patient care. See how our XCELL PC System is changing the face of regenerative medicine.

While the field of regenerative biologix holds immense promise, achieving the full benefits of PRP has not been without challenges. Practitioners have historically faced technological limitations, variable quality, and labor-intensive processes hampering the wide-scale application of orthobiologic injections and protein concentrates. These factors have in the past hindered the practicality of regenerative medicine products and the ability to scale their use effectively.

Technological Limitations on Quality

In the early days of advanced regenerative medicine, technological limitations often resulted in compromised protein concentrate quality. This lowered treatments' efficacy and limited the potential for long-term success. Another challenge faced by practitioners has been inconsistency in the quality of protein concentrates. Unreliable concentration levels, variability in growth factors, cytokines and other vital components greatly impact treatments' effectiveness. We prioritized addressing these challenges in the development and innovation of our XCELL PC kit.

Lengthy Processes, Impractible Scalability

Traditionally, producing protein concentrates has involved lengthy and complicated procedures, which made it nearly impossible for many practices to scale. Time-consuming centrifugation, complex separation techniques, and PRP injection recovery added significant obstacles to incorporating regenerative medicine into clinical workflows. We recognized this roadblock and considered streamlining processes without sacrificing quality when we developed the XCELL PC System for treatments.

Enhanced Efficiency for Busy Practices

At APEX Biologix, we understand the pressures practitioners face to provide efficient and timely treatments, especially when their practices are bustling. Our kit is designed for easy use, ensuring that you can prepare protein concentrates quickly and effectively. By simplifying the process, our PC kit helps practices of all sizes. We strive to empower you to focus on what matters most – caring for your patients.

Unmatched Quality Time and Again

When it comes to protein concentrates, quality is paramount. We take pride in offering a system that consistently produces higher quality protein concentrates than any other on the market. Our proprietary technology ensures that the resulting concentrates are of reliable and repeatable quality and accuracy every time. With the XCELL PC System, you can trust the products you administer.

Industry-Leading Potency for Better Outcomes

The XCELL PC System takes concentrate to the next level. It delivers industry-leading increases in platelet-derived growth factors, A2M, cytokines, fibrinogen, IRAP and VEGF concentrations. These advancements signify a tremendous shift in our PC kit's capabilities compared to others. With our system, you can unlock regenerative medicine's full potential.

Versatile and User-Friendly

Just like you, we value flexibility in biologic solutions. The XCELL PC System is designed to smoothly integrate into your practice by working with the same bench-top as our other kits for PRP, BMC and more. This allows you to provide well-rounded orthobiologics services while maintaining familiarity and ease of use. Our kit is not only capable of producing a highly concentrate injectate of A2M, but also provides a PRP solution of up to 14mL, expanding the range of treatment options available to you.

With regenerative medicine, you have a unique and exciting opportunity to improve your patients' quality of life. APEX Biologix supports you with the XCELL PC System, offering a range of benefits that elevate your practice to new heights. Our PC kit's ease of use and heightened efficiency make it an indispensable tool for any orthobiologic procedure. With consistently higher quality concentrates, best-in-class potency and versatile applications, the XCELL PC System delivers unmatched results.

Embrace the future of regenerative medicine today. To learn more about this innovative product and explore how it can benefit your practice, click here.