How to Prepare for Our Training Courses

Taking a training course through Apex Biologix is an excellent way to learn more about using total nucleated cell and PRP therapies as an alternative to more invasive procedures for injuries and certain diseases. 

To date, we have already trained hundreds of doctors in California, Utah, New York and Maryland. You could be next by signing up for a one- or two-day course that will teach you everything you need to know about procedures and marketing.

Do not hesitate to contact Apex Biologix if you have any question about our PRP or total nucleated cell course offerings. In the meantime, we want to provide a little encouragement and advice to those doctors who are already planning to receive training through Apex. Below you will find just a few helpful tips that you can use to prepare for your training session.

Brush up on the Basics

Apex Biologix training focuses on orthopedic and aesthetic services. After you sign up for the course you’re interested in, take some time to brush up on the basics of that topic. Let’s face it; you probably don’t remember everything you learned in medical school. And even if you do, what you learned from books tends to be very different from what you experience in day-to-day practice. Brushing up on the basic science of what you do will prepare you to better understand what you’ll be learning about PRP and total nucleated cell therapies.

Focus on the Positive

Most of the doctors who train with us come with a very positive mindset. They are undergoing training because they are excited about the opportunity to offer their patients revolutionary new treatments. Still, we understand that other doctors come to us out of sheer need. They have decided to offer total nucleated cell therapy and PRP because they desperately need new revenue streams. If you are in the latter group, we encourage you to focus on the positive. Going into training with a positive mindset helps you to better see the potential of the therapies you will be learning about. You’ll be encouraged, excited, and ready to get back to work.

Get Plenty of Rest

We know how difficult it can be to get adequate rest when you are a doctor. Your practice has you constantly running to keep up. However, a tired student is not a focused student. We recommend taking at least one day off prior to traveling for training, then using that day to rest and relax. Remember that training is an investment in your practice and your patients. Achieving the best possible results depends on you being fully prepared, and that includes being well rested and alert.

Eliminate the Distractions

Nothing is more of an albatross around the training neck than constant distractions from the office. Yet we see these distractions all the time. Before you leave your office on the last day before training, make sure you have made all the necessary arrangements to ensure you will not be interrupted in any way. Arrange for someone else to take your calls. Answer all your emails and then commit to not checking until after your training. Do whatever is necessary to eliminate distractions.

Apex Biologix has already been involved in helping more than 200 clinics add PRP and total nucleated cell therapies to their list of services. Our comprehensive PRP and total nucleated cell course offerings will prepare you to do the same. But if you want to succeed, you have to be prepared as well. We hope you will make every effort to do just that if you sign up for one of our training courses.