Marketing – Finding the Ideal PRP and total nucleated cell Candidates for Your Practice

Apex Biologix is proud to announce a strategic working partnership with

This partnership will enhance our marketing services to physicians searching for ideal candidates for such cutting edge therapies as platelet Rich Plasma and Adult total nucleated cell injections.  Because many regenerative therapies are not reimbursed by insurances, physicians have to find candidates that are seeking alternative treatments to medication or major surgery, but also have the ability to pay for them.  Having the proper web presence is key.

Marketing And Training Services Are Essential in a PRP & total nucleated cell Therapy Clinic

Although Apex Biologix offers a number of marketing tools and training services to our clients, we needed a web expert that could help our clients start or expand their SEO and PPC campaigns (Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click marketing).  Through Apex’s exclusive agreement with, we are able to efficiently apply to each client and their location the market rich content and key search-words that generate results.  This agreement with also includes significant discounts for our clients because we have eliminated the learning curve that any other web company would experience.  For many of our well-trained physicians, performing the cases and getting positive results was the easy part, but marketing had been the challenge.  The partnership between Apex, and our practices eliminates that marketing challenge.