Regenerative Medicine Perceived as More Natural

In order for us to sell total nucleated cell injection kits and other regenerative medicine supplies, we have to understand our customers. 

We have to know what makes them tick. Likewise, our customers have to understand what their patients think. What is it that drives people to seek out PRP and total nucleated cell therapies for osteoarthritis, sports injuries, etc.? It could be that they perceive regenerative medicine as more natural.

Imagine you are an osteoarthritis patient who has suffered with painful knees for more than a decade. Finally, your doctor says the only remaining solution is dual knee replacement surgery. Someone else tells you about PRP injections, explaining them as a natural alternative to surgery. What are you likely to think?

Whether or not you believe in the efficacy of PRP injections, you would likely agree that extracting your own blood, processing it, and then injecting it into your painful knees is a more natural procedure than replacing your knees with plastic and metal substitutes. Most oter people would reach the same conclusion. Perhaps that’s why more and more people are looking at regenerative medicine as another option.

More Natural Aesthetics

The Canadian aesthetic medicine industry is booming right now. More significantly though, patients are demanding more natural procedures. According to a recent article published by Canada’s Global News, what Canadian patients really want is something now being described as ‘natural esthetics’.

What are natural esthetics? They are aesthetic procedures utilizing autologous total nucleated cell and PRP material. Essentially, it’s what we call regenerative medicine applied to aesthetic treatments. For example, Canadians are very receptive of PRP injections as a treatment for hair loss.

One patient interviewed by Global News spoke of her enthusiasm for PRP injections. She said that the PRP procedure appealed to her “because it was natural.” She went on to explain that there is nothing gimmicky about it. She also made a point of saying how pleased she was with the results.

PRP for Facial Rejuvenation

Canadians are also embracing PRP and total nucleated cell injections as an alternative to Botox. Technically speaking, Botox could be considered a natural treatment in that it utilizes the botulinum toxin to address the effects of aging. But most people consider it unnatural due to the mechanism behind it. Botox relaxes and paralyzes muscle tissue in order to reduce wrinkles in the face.

It is the mechanism of Botox that causes alarm for some patients. They see PRP injections as a better alternative because, rather than preventing the body from doing what it naturally does, PRP injections do just the opposite. They encourage the body to utilize its own built-in healing processes to combat the effects of aging.

Regenerative Medicine Is a Game-Changer

Apex Biologix would continue being involved in the regenerative medicine industry even if patients didn’t perceive it as being more natural. We do what we do because regenerative medicine is a game-changer. Every PRP injection kit we sell represents another opportunity for a patient to enjoy some measure of pain relief or address hair loss. Every total nucleated cell injection kit represents an opportunity to help someone suffering from osteoarthritis.

If you are a doctor considering adding regenerative medicine services to your practice, we would encourage you to do some research and speak openly with your patients. You might be surprised to learn how much support there is among the general population.

If you are already offering PRP and total nucleated cell therapies, understand that the effectiveness of your procedures is only as good as equipment supplies you use. You get what you pay for.