Regenerative Medicine, What’s All the Fuss About?

Regenerative medicine or total nucleated cell therapy is becoming a buzz word, not only among healthcare professionals but also in households across the nation.

This advancing field of medicine holds some very promising research and medical outcomes in the treatment of many common medical ailments, ranging from joint pain and strains to aesthetics to burns and many areas of medicine in between. Patients that have given up hope with traditional therapies are finding new hope in regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is also described as “the body healing itself”, as a sample of blood, bone marrow or adipose tissue is taken from the patient and processed to harvest out the regenerative properties (platelet rich plasma or total nucleated cells), then applied directly to the affected area. Many ask why our own total nucleated cells don’t come to the rescue on their own.  Well, research is showing that by isolating them, these otherwise latent total nucleated cells are activated, essentially calling them to duty to do their work. Once isolated, these cells can be applied to the affected area, such as a joint, and can assist in regenerating the area and relieving pain. Patients that have experienced only temporary relief or have failed with traditional methods may be excellent candidates for this therapy.

It is predicted that these therapies will alter how physicians provide medicine in the 21st century, as they are being compared to the invention of Penicillin. Many Physicians are now better equipped to offer this treatment to their patients when they have attended extensive training courses.  To learn whether this therapy is right for you, call 844-897-4910 to find a regenerative medicine specialist in your area.