Spring Is a Great Time to Start Thinking about PRP

Spring is in the air, and that can mean only one thing for baseball fans: spring training. 

For doctors, it means beginning to strategize about how patients would be better served in the coming year while at the same time strengthening revenues. So what do baseball players and doctors have in common? Sports injuries. That makes spring a great time to start thinking about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Just a few weeks ago, the New York Mets’ David Wright received a PRP injection as part of his treatment for a neck injury sustained last season. Combined with the rest of his rehab, the injection will hopefully get Wright back on the field as quickly as possible. There will undoubtedly be many in baseball keeping an eye on his rehab.

Apex Biologix is very familiar with the procedure Wright underwent back in February. We train doctors in performing such procedures to benefit their patients suffering from sports injuries, osteoarthritis, and a number of other conditions. We also sell a complete line of products that doctors need to offer both PRP and total nucleated cell therapies.

Only as Good as Your Equipment

We spend a lot of time talking about our training courses for PRP and total nucleated cell therapies. But we also want our clients to know about the products we sell. No matter how good the training (and we believe we offer the very best) a doctor’s success with both PRP and total nucleated cell procedures is directly related to the equipment used in the office. In other words, your procedures are only as good as the equipment you use to perform them.

We offer PRP and bone marrow kits, amniotic tissue, and one of the best centrifuge devices in the industry. The Apex Biologix PRP Concentration System maximizes patient outcomes by creating a highly concentrated combination of platelets and growth factors that can be injected straight into the treatment site. Total process time with our system is less than 10 minutes.

A lot of work has gone into designing all the products we carry. The goal for each one is the same: to provide the best possible delivery of platelet-rich plasma and/or total nucleated cells in order to maximize the benefits of regenerative medicine for patients. Our equipment is considered specialty equipment that is not available just anywhere.

Invest in Your Practice

Spring is the time of year when doctors start looking at how to improve their practices. The holidays have come and gone, year-end accounting is almost finished, and the office is wrapping up taxes and reporting. Now it’s time to put 2016 behind you and start looking to this year.

We encourage you to consider investing in your practice by adding total nucleated cell and PRP therapies. Whether you end up treating athletes, factory workers, or seniors who have long since retired, the treatments we specialize in are revolutionizing the way people look at regenerative medicine.

Learning PRP and total nucleated cell procedures is an investment in your practice. After training with Apex Biologix, we can also provide the supplies and equipment you need to get things up and running right away. Then we can tie everything together by teaching you how to market your new services or, if you prefer, handle the marketing for you.

Spring is here. As long as you’re thinking nice weather and baseball, take some time to learn more about PRP and total nucleated cell therapies. They could be the additions you’ve been looking for to increase revenue streams and serve a broader range of patients in your practice.