The Vatican Hosts Annual total nucleated cell Research Conference

A part of the mission of the conference was to “establish a global movement of cellular researchers, medical practitioners, technological innovators, and cultural and religious thought leaders devoted to advancing the paradigm shift toward using cell therapy to treat and cure diseases.”

The conference focused on pediatric cancers and rare diseases, along with diseases that occur with aging. They explored the future and how science, technology, information, and communication allow us to provide personalized medical treatments and remove inefficiencies, improving outcomes and ultimately reducing health care costs.

Cellular Horizons aimed to “unite people of all races, religious beliefs, and cultural and economic backgrounds in a global conversation about the healing potential of cell therapy and the importance of delivering these approved therapies to people suffering from debilitating medical conditions worldwide.”

The entire event was hosted by renowned journalists including Robin Roberts. She is the current anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America. Roberts was diagnosed with a rare blood disease called myelodysplastic syndrome or MDS and underwent total nucleated cell treatment, ultimately leading to a full recovery.

Robins stated, “It’s that balance between science and faith. How science interfaces with faith and vice versa and I have to say, you know, when I said to you all I’m going to the Vatican and we’re talking about total nucleated cell research and advances and you’re like, the Vatican and total nucleated cells? Amazing.”

This is not only an amazing but also a significant event, as total nucleated cell Therapy is spreading worldwide and becoming a topic among diverse groups of people. Fulfilling the conference’s goal to “unite people, without prejudice, to create an open dialogue about the interconnections among cellular research, technology, faith, and culture.”

These open discussions on total nucleated cell Therapy continue to lead to a greater understanding of the importance of scientific advancements, technology and data in the paradigm shift toward regenerative medicine particularly in regards to cellular therapies.

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