Marketing and Medicine Are Not Incompatible

At a recent conference, a seasoned doctor was discussing the practical aspects of day-to-day medicine with a brand-new orthopedist fresh out of residency. 

The doctor was overheard trying to explain to his new protégé the importance of marketing. Visibly shocked by what he was hearing, the young doctor could not seem to grasp the fact that marketing is part of medicine. He will learn in time.

Apex Biologix offers both direct marketing services and training for doctors who want to learn how to market total nucleated cell therapy and PRP on their own. We do so because marketing and medicine are not incompatible. In fact, they are actually partners in improving the health of patients.

It’s Great That You Offer Services

You may come to one of our total nucleated cell therapy training courses with the same youthful enthusiasm you experienced at the end of residency. You will dig right in, learn everything you can, and return to your practice fully prepared to offer your patients some exciting new options. But what happens when you actually get back to your practice?

It’s great that you will be able to offer patients new services. But they need to know about those services. Furthermore, if you want to turn your training into a significant revenue stream, you have to get your message out to consumers who are not yet your patients. They need to know that you’re offering PRP therapy and total nucleated cell procedures. If they don’t know, how can they choose you as their provider?

The Business Side of Medicine Matters

It is probably safe to say that a large number of young people enter med school with a sincere desire to help others in any way they can. This is one of the wonderful things about a medical career. Unfortunately, the idealism of medicine sometimes gets in the way of doctors and therapists understanding the business side of things.

Until such time as healthcare is entirely taken over by the government, medicine will be a business. Clinical and office staff have to earn a living wage, rent has to be paid, insurance needs to be procured, and on and on. Most importantly, individual practices and clinics need to have sufficient revenue to meet their expenses and make a little profit. Marketing is essential to the endeavor.

What We Offer

It should be plain to see that marketing and medicine cannot be separated in any practical way. Therefore, it is better for the doctor to embrace marketing just as enthusiastically as learning total nucleated cell procedures and platelet rich plasma therapy. We can help.

Apex Biologix can train you in the latest marketing strategies that will help you get your message out to current and future patients. If you would like help beyond training, we offer direct marketing services including website design, internet and print advertising, search engine optimization, logo design, social media marketing, and more.

You can certainly attend one of our training courses before returning to your practice and picking up right where you left off. But if you don’t market your new services, the training you receive through Apex Biologix may ultimately turn into a wasted opportunity.

Medicine and marketing are not incompatible. It is not a question of compassion versus greed or helping people versus taking from them. It is a matter of using proven marketing strategies to let your patients know you have new ways of treating them. The more people you can reach with your message, the more opportunity you’ll have to practice medicine in a way that will genuinely help those individuals you strive to help.